We are proud to use American leather, and the quality shows in the finished product.


About the Leather

USA flag Eagle carved from leather

Everything we make here in the shop is made with American products. My leather is Herman Oak and Wickett & Craig, along with other American companies.

Each saddle, chaps, holster, saddlebag, headstall or other quality prepared item is uniquely crafted for the individual customer. We have the skill to create, brand, sketch or recreate to match existing items in a collection. Everything leather we generate is made custom, by hand, with a quality that comes only with decades of experience.

Custom leather touches

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Hand carved leather - praying handsHand Carving:
the process of carving into the leather by hand, to produce a 3-dimensional design.
Leather stamping - praying cowboy Stamping:
used to create patterns and impressions.
Color stained leather - rose Staining:
adding color to the leather to enhance a carving.

Hand carving leather is done "by-hand". We don't use machines, or machined leather, such as synthetics. We use cowhide and some other skins, like deer skin, depending on the order. American cowhide is a top quality, long-lasting and durable product to work with

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