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For the Dogs

Bowen's Dog Products

Our dog products are made with care and designed with years of experience behind them. Whether for military, police, search and rescue, competition or everyday use, our products are durable and professional.

Custom Leather Dog Trailing Harness


Custom made harnesses for all types of working and competition dogs. The harness at right is a trailing harness, adjustable and padded for comfort. Both the neck and chest are adjustable to allow for growth. Males dogs don’t fully fill out until they are about 2-years old.

The pictured harness is an example of our heavy duty working harness. It is super heavy duty and guaranteed to handle any dog. We make lighter weight harnesses for different uses. The Harness pictured is made of weather proof orange bio material

.The bright orange bio material keeps your dog highly visible while it works. We also make harnesses out of leather and nylon for every day use and smaller dogs. Call for choice of available colors and leather types.

Click on the harness to see a larger version.

We can make the following:

  • Trailing Harness
  • Patrol Harness
  • Agitation Harness



Leather Bottcher Leads

A Bottcher is a trailing/tracking/training device to help your dog keep its nose low to the ground. The harder the dog pulls the lower its head is forced. This Device can also be ordered as a built-in addition to any of our harnesses.



Custom Leather Dog Tugs

BITE ME™ tugs!

The ultimate reward tug with just the right attitude. No more lost tugs. You can get these in a wide assortments of color choices for leather bodies and nylon handles

Leather or suede, one handle or two. Our tugs can be completely customized for your picky biter. You can even personalize the tugs for your dog with their name.

Click on the images to see a larger version.

One Handle
(Various sizes)
Leather Dog Tugs
Two Handle
(Various sizes)
Leather Dog Tugs 2 handles

We currently have a large variety of hugs on hand (sizes are listed on check-out page), however if you need a special size or color please call 970-882-2551 to discuss your need with the maker.



Custom Dog Collars

Our intricate, custom carved leather collars will set your dog apart.

We make the following:

  • Exotic leather (pictured example is black and white stingray)
  • Hand stamped leather
  • Custom Leather carved
  • Nylon
  • Bio Material (a low maintenance weather proof alternative to leather)
  • Old world harness leather


Click on the images to see a larger version.

Reinforced Leather
(stamped with a D-ring)
Stamped Leather Dog Collar
Nylon Set
(braided nylon)
Specialty Dog Collar



Specialty Dog Leads

Long or short, dog leads have a multitude of uses. Smooth leather trailing leads can take the abuse of hours of dragging behind your working dog. Short traffic leads keep your dog in close and keep you in control.

  1. Standard Leads
  2. Harness Leads
  3. Adjustable Police Leads
  4. Traffic Leads

Click on the images to see a larger version.

Police Leads
(Safety orange and green as well as black and brown Bio Material, also Old World Harness and Latigo leather)
Police K9 leads
Standard Leads
(1-inch shown)
Leather Bottcher Leads

Traffic Leads
(quick release, locking clips available)
Short Leather Dog Leads
Trailing Leads
(Various lengths available)
Leather Trailing Leads


See our “Current Inventory for Sale” for ideas or something you need immediately.

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